‘Having organised this course many times over the past five years I can vouch for the feedback received consistently – brilliant trainer and information’

Donna Byer past training coordinator for Northern Rivers Social Development Council

‘My team currently manage 2,300 social housing tenancies in the Far North Coast Region of New South Wales. Part of that role entails working closely with families who are experiencing hoarding and squalor issues.
I arranged for Maire to provide some training to my team to assist them when faced with clients who are experiencing this disorder.
Maire was wonderful, she has extensive knowledge and information on this subject as well as providing examples and strategies to the team which will assist them in their day to day dealings with clients.
Maire has a vibrancy and energy when delivering training which ensures that all participants are engaged and actively participate in the training.
I highly recommend Maire to deliver training on Hoarding and Squalor to individuals or teams’

Joanne Jones Team Leader
Family and Community Services, Far North Coast

‘I wanted to pass on some feedback about the course I attended with you on supporting people around Hoarding and Squalor. I found this training one of the most rewarding and fulfilling I have ever attended. I was able to get a really good understanding of this area with the case examples you provided and also found it most refreshing that you were able to thoroughly entertain us with such insights into this complex topic. I got a lot of insight into the subject particularly because you provided examples of what not to say and why not to say certain things. You then gave us examples of approaches and wording that we could try that would be non-threatening and explained this. After that everything seemed to fall into place for me. Soon after the workshop I had the opportunity to work with man who was facing the prospect of eviction because of his hoarding. After your workshop I felt quietly confident of the gentle approach and wording examples you provided and everything went very well and he was able to address the issue and retain his housing.’

David Kyd Social Worker MSW (Prof. Qual)
Outreach worker Complex Needs Homeles 

‘I attended the Effective Approaches to Hoarding Behaviours training last year and can highly recommend it for anyone in the community services sector, families, carers or individuals. Maire was a fantastic facilitator who’s informative and warm teaching approach engaged all participants.  Maire’s experience and knowledge provided the fundamental foundation to understanding hoarding behaviours that included trauma informed care. This training has influenced my understanding of hoarding behaviours and provided me with some practical skills to work individuals with hoarding behaviours’

Binti Jones Social Worker, Case Worker (BSocWelf, MSocWk)

‘Such an enjoyable day, was completely enthralled. Learnt so much from Maire. And from the other participants. We all were able to contribute to the day and using actual clients helped with working out how to deal with a person who is hoarding. Thanks Maire’

Sarah Charman, Registered Nurse Aged Care
Grafton Training Feedback 2019
Grafton Training Feedback 2019
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