Tuesday May 26th Webinar 3 x 2 hour session 9am – 11am



Hoarding Unpacked – Webinar Course

‘Effective Approaches to Hoarding Behaviours’ courses have been running for eight years. The course was originally written as in-house training for a social housing company during a time the facilitator was employed as a Sustaining Tenancies Officer.

Over 600 professionals have attended this training.

Training Aimed At:

This training is aimed at a range of professions including but not limited to: housing and homelessness support workers, mental health, home care services, social workers, disability support, aged care, tenancy managers, cleaning services, council health and safety officers, fire safety services, child protection, animal rescue, and at times concerned family and friends have attended.

Course Outline:

Trauma-informed approaches and considerations, DSMV addition and definition, statistics and characteristics, different types of hoarding, OH&S issues, at-risk tenancies, children safety concerns, RSPCA, neighbours and council issues, strategies and examples for case coordination with multiple service providers, practical strategies for service users and therapeutic tools, real case examples used throughout to draw information from, links to helpful resources and websites, promotion of workers self-care and a focus on a reduction.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday May 26th Webinar 3 x 2 hour session 9am – 11am

  1. carolann Griffiths

    I am a Social Worker and am interested in this webinar. Mote details please.

    1. Hello Carolann
      heaps of info on my website hoardingunpacked.com including some short videos about the training and the trainer.
      i have had a lot of social workers attend this training over the past 8 years and the feedback is constantly great – that the training is very relevant and really useful.
      happy to chat if you want more info – 0429891936
      Maire BArron

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